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At Metro Marine, we have solved the two most critical issues impacting underwater lighting fixtures, either of which can result in an underwater fixture’s failure: Biofouling, and Condensation


Clear Lens Technology

One of the main problems seen with underwater marine lighting fixtures is the aggressive growth (biofouling) that attaches to the clear lenses in front of the LEDs. This growth blocks the light, and causes the fixtures to overheat. When UVC’s became available in LED form, Metro Marine devised and patented a unique and innovative system utilizing UVC LEDs to keep the lenses on our fixtures crystal clear – forever!

Anti-Condensation Assembly Methodology

Condensation is a critical issue found in many underwater marine lighting fixtures. It can cause internal corrosion which can destroy underwater lighting fixtures from the inside-out. Taking a scientific approach, we have solved this problem, completely eliminating condensation from forming in our fixtures. We manufacture our fixtures in a Class 1000 Clean Room, and our patent-pending assembly methodology guarantees our fixtures will never experience condensation!


Lighting The Water Better

At Metro Marine, we have a rich legacy of innovation and leadership in both optics & LED control technology. With true optical lensing, combined with Nichia’s state-of-the-art LEDs,
simply put:

We light the water better!

Millions of Shades of Colors

Most full color fixtures use RGB LEDs and White LEDs operating separately.
Our F-Series RGBW Underwater fixtures, featuring State-of-the-Art LEDs from Nichia, have true Dynamic Full Spectrum color control, resulting in higher-quality whites and richer color blends than are possible with traditional RGB+White underwater LED fixtures.

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