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Full Spectrum Controller

The CTR-4-DATA programmable lighting controller, for RGB and RGBW lighting, has

been designed around a touch sensitive color wheel.

The controller is USB or WiFi programmable from a PC or Mac using the ESA2 or ESA

Pro 2 software. It is also possible to program it over WiFi using the on-site programming

app Arcolis .

Up to 36 scenes can be stored within the controller and directly recalled via six touch

sensitive scene buttons. A button located in the center of the color wheel can be used to

jump between scenes or reset a color change.

• New glass design

• Color palette

• Touch sensitive buttons

• Touch sensitive wheel

• 36 scenes, 1 zone

• 1024 DMX channels

• USB & WIFI connectivity

• Clock and calendar

• OEM customization

• Windows/Mac software


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