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Full Spectrum (Pro Model) Controller

The feature rich CTR-3-DATA has been designed to provide a control solution for the

most demanding of projects and yet is easy enough for anyone to use. The controller

integrates a graphical color display, allowing scene photos to be displayed. Easily view

the selected zone, scene name and design without the need to navigate through

complex menus.

The CTR-3-DATA has 4 different modes. Scroll around the touch sensitive wheel to

change the dimmer, color, speed, or scene, or tap around the wheel for direct access to

a value. The arrows can be used to step through values.

• New glass design

• Graphical color display

• Color/dimmer/speed palette

• Touch sensitive buttons

• Touch sensitive wheel

• Multi-zone microSD memory

• 500 scenes, 10 zones

• 1024 DMX channels

• USB & Ethernet connectivity

• RS232, ports, infrared

• Clock and calendar

• Network communication

• Catalog of designs

• OEM customization

• Windows/Mac software

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