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At Metro Marine, we have solved the two most critical issues impacting underwater lighting fixtures, either of which can result in an underwater fixture’s failure: Biofouling, and Condensation

About Us

At Metro Marine, we are a group of dedicated designers and engineers who are driven to solve complex lighting problems. We have been designing and manufacturing LED Lighting systems for over 20 years – both for above and below the water. Our unique patented underwater fixtures solve the two most critical problems found in underwater lighting fixtures: Biofouling, and Condensation. As a result, our fixtures will never have marine growth on the lenses and will never experience condensation.

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Lighting the water better!

At Metro Marine, we have a rich legacy of innovation and leadership in both optics & LED control technology. With true optical lensing, combined with Nichia’s state-of-the-art LEDs,
simply put:
We light the water better!

Millions of Colors

Most full color fixtures use RGB LEDs and White LEDs operating separately. Our F-Series RGBW Underwater fixtures have true Dynamic Full Spectrum color control, resulting in higher-quality whites and richer color blends than are possible with traditional RGB+white underwater LED fixtures.
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